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Notes from the dark world


One of the major problems I had to face in this domain was my complete lack of organisation. Even if I could produce some decent pictures I quickly realised that I couldn’t reproduce them. Somebody believe that it’s practically impossible to print two exact copies of a photo in a dark room, for many reason but mainly because conditions changes constantly and because there are many factors influencing the result. I didn’t really decided if I agree with them, for sure you can produce two copies that really look a lot alike though. What you need is: organisation.

It’s extremely important to record precisely what you have done: what lens and what projector you used, what aperture, times, filters, paper, film, etc. This operation cannot be done in an approximate way. I know it, I’ve experienced myself. It won’t take you anywhere.

Little results and frustration even made me doubt about the meaning of keep trying. So I started to apply some methods and I started a journal. Much, much more I still have to learn. I keep wasting paper and time, of course, but now I can clearly feel the benefits of being in control. By knowing what I’ve done and how I’ve done it, I can easily avoid mistakes and improve the quality of my prints. In this way I can also correctly reproduce pictures after a long time. Besides, the journal looks really cool 😀

Notes from the dark room-2

The photos you see have been shot with a Rolleiflex “Old Standard” 621 with the help of my best model, of course my fiancée Jing. The camera is a real pearl in the TLR (twin-lenses reflex) universe. It’s been produced in the mid 30s and after 80 years it still works perfectly and gives stunning results. I found it in a second hand shop for 20 euros in a rather good shape. I had to clean it from a lot of oxide and some of the paint fell off but it works smoothly at every speed and has no mud or scratches on the optical elements.

Notes from the dark room-3

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