• Giancarlo Rocconi
    Filmmaker, DoP & Photographer in Brussels - Belgium

  • EU accredited / Events & Conferences / Corporate services / Portraits / Lifestyle and Street-photography / Reportages / Narrative and Documentary filmmaking

  • Laevinio is what it could be if you only dare to try.

Personal Photo Projects


Series of portraits taken in the framework of the workshop "Sublime. Cartographie du sourire de la commune d'Anderlecht" developed by...
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Eye of the Tourist

The idea of Eye of the Tourist is to show to the inhabitants of a town or neighbourhood their environment as...
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Between Wind and Water (Droog Land)

"Between Wind and Water" in nautical indicates a part of a ship’s side or bottom that is often brought above...
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BeijingHer is a work in progress project, which goal is to depict the shyness and the unconscious beauty of normal...
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