• Giancarlo Rocconi
    Filmmaker, DoP & Photographer in Brussels - Belgium

  • EU accredited / Events & Conferences / Corporate services / Portraits / Lifestyle and Street-photography / Reportages / Narrative and Documentary filmmaking

  • Laevinio is what it could be if you only dare to try.


BeijingHer is a work in progress project, which goal is to depict the shyness and the unconscious beauty of normal women living and working in Beijing. Hence the title: BeijingHer – (Beijing + Her). Taking portraits of these women it hasn’t been easy, mostly because of their shyness but also because they wouldn’t expect my behaviour, considering themselves not pretty enough to be pictured. Shyness can be found in the eyes of all of them, regardless if they are courageous enough to look to the camera or not.

I started this project in 2014, the first time I went to China to meet my family in law. I was right away captured by the beauty of these “regular” women, populating every corner of the capital and hiding behind the cloths and the activities of their every day lives.

The pictures have been taken on 120 film rolls with a Mamiya C330 Professional.