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Minolta xd


And there it goes: the very first positive film of my life. I got it this afternoon, after waiting for one week. Apparently nowadays there are not many labs left in Italy processing these “magic cylinders”.

The results of my compositions are of course questionable (ok in my opinion)  but effects given by the quality of the film and the colours are just too much over my expectations.

First look was a punch on my stomach. I was checking the film in the shop and couldn’t stop smiling with the obvious satisfaction of the owner, amazed and proud to see how films could still make (weird) people happy.

I used my beloved Minolta XD. All the pictures but one are taken with the MC Rokkor NL 21mm f/2.8 I talked about in my “Ode to the grand angle“. The other one is taken with MC Rokkor PF 58mm f/1.4  which I got almost for free and I’ll try to test with the next roll.

Full size pictures can be watched on project “BPositive“.

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