Today I feel Lucky SHD 100

lucky black and white film shd 100 by laevinio giancarlo rocconi photographer

The owner of the shop in Place St-Boniface, the one where any human being who’s even only remotely fascinated by analogue camera would like to live in (and maybe die), said: “Digital is a world of images. Analogue . . . well, that’s the world of photography!”

Now I understand that such a statement is at least questionable and we could open a philosophic discussion that could last forever (and in which I’d love to dive in), but at that moment it was just a very cool saying and kinda of romantic I must admit.

It’s a matter of fact that since I started to play with films everything has a different taste and I love it. I love my “babies”, from conception to delivery, passing through gestation.

Brussels Marolles Place Jou de Bal picture by Giancarlo Rocconi Laevinio