The pineapple man, Beijing, Feb. 2014

mamiya nc1000s by laevinio giancarlo rocconi photographer

The dude was vending peeled and non-peeled pineapples near my parents’s place in Beijing.

I went back to Beijing for Chinese New Year this year and I passed by him almost everyday when I went out during this period. Obviously he didn’t go back to his hometown like many others. One day when I passed by again, I took the shot from behind him. What you don’t see in the photo is that he found it out right after I clicked the shutter and turned around with a jaw-dropping face…after a few seconds of silence, we both bursted in laugh. I told him that I found it quite strange that he’s selling a very tropical fruit in the mid of the coldest winter time. He laughed louder.

Mamiya nc1000s / ILFORD HP5 400 / dev. F 2.8 1’08”