The Flagey building (ugly one)

yashica fx3 by laevinio giancarlo rocconi photographer

This is one of my favourite buildings in the neighbourhood, maybe in the whole city. I don’t like it for its beauty, but rather for its sumptuousness and the harmonious perspective that creates with the geometry of the square.

For shooting I used a 35mm reflex, the Yashica fx-3, with a Ilford film HP5 Plus, 400 ASA. The Yashica is the very first analogue camera I bought. My good friend Max bought for me in a flea market and it took a while before I used it. It’s a cheap camera but reliable and I’am very fond of it. I owe to my friend this pic as I owe him a lot of my passion for photography since he’s one of the people who got me involved in this beautiful world.

Flagey Square picture by Giancarlo Rocconi Laevinio