The couple, end of January, 2014, Beijing

mamiya nc1000s by laevinio giancarlo rocconi photographer

Going to “Bai-Yun Guan” (White-Cloud Taoism temple), trying to throw a few fake coins traded from real “yuan” into the heart of a giant bronze gong, lighting up some sticks of incenses, and touching with your own hands the already ultra-shiny stone curve of probably one of the most famous monkeys in China, is the “must-do” of quite some of Beijingers during the first morning of the Chinese New Year – unless, like me and my dear Mom, didn’t manage to get up earlier or check our facts in advance – ending up arriving 10 minutes before closing time of the temple and eventually got in by bribing the gate-keeper…

Isn’t this a pretty sweet nutshell of a modern Chinese’s one day of life;)?

This couple was in beautiful twilight when I took the shot. They were just leaving, crossing the zebra thing to the other side of the street right in front of the main entrance of the temple. I suppose they made good wishes for the new year to come.

Mamiya nc1000s / ILFORD HP5 400 / dev. F 2.8 1’40” for the sky and 35″ for the rest

the temple couple