Ode to the grand angle

minolta mc w.rokkor-nl 21mm f 1:2.8 by laevinio giancarlo rocconi photographer

To tell the truth, the expression “to broaden the view” is overused and has no chance of being put into practice without a wide angle lens.

This is because, as all photographers know, but maybe a lot of other people don’t, our eyes allow us to see with an angle of about 46 °, which, on a camera that uses the very common 35mm film, corresponds to a “normal” lens of 50mm.

For this photo, I used a great (and rare) Minolta lens, the MC Rokkor-NL 21mm 2.8. What you see then (although in vertical in this case) corresponds to a field of view of about 90 °, much larger than what we could see with the naked eye.

You might wanna use this argument if you want an excuse the next time that someone accuses you of having too narrow views.


Minolta MC Rokkor-Nl 21 mm f2.8 picture by Giancarlo Rocconi Laevinio


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