Ma roll

minolta mc w.rokkor-nl 21mm f 1:2.8 by laevinio giancarlo rocconi photographer

My English has definitely improved in the last few years but, still isn’t my mother tongue. So very often I have to face doubts, especially before writing a post. Otherwise my (few) readers would laugh at me more than my self esteem could actually tollerate!

Then today I looked up to the word ‘roll’ on the Oxford dictionaries online and surprise! What have I found? That a roll is technically cylinder! Yes, a cylinder. Like one of those that magicians use for pulling up rabbits at their shows.

Well, that confirmed my theory according to which photography is nothing but magic. Pff! I don’t need you stupid high rated dictionary, I’ve got my dreams!

The picture has been taken at the Marolles Flea Market of Brussels. You can find it every day from early morning to 2pm in Place du Jeu de Balle, near to the city centre, and I really recommend to visit it.

Marolles Flea Market picture by Giancarlo Rocconi Laevinio